Down again


Apologies for the sparicity of posts lately but I’ve been rather busy on overseas projects.

Both Wardrobe and Boudoir sites have been down for several days but hopefully will come back up shortly. This has happened several times in the past so I’m not unduly perturbed at the moment. I do have a pending update for the Boudoir from March 1st which features my lovely new short white prom dress:

My lovely white dress; nice and slinky

The clip is available at as usual.

Clips will continue to be added on the first of the month.

All for now,





Hello folks,

Just a quick note to say that I’m back in the land of Chiffon and wearing my lovely white pleated skirt with suitable underwear; and a sweater. The one thing that I love about being home again is to be able to deploy my new breasts. Impossible to carry them around unfortunately but nice to have a feel again. They really do feel like the real thing.

I did my usual thing on the way back to France and that was to visit the charity shops and vintage clothing emporiums in a Kent town on the way to the ferry. I picked up some nice items which I will share with you soon. These include 3 vintage dresses, other dresses, a skirt, gorgeous satin blouse and other bits and bobs.

I am also thinking about sweaters… my breasts look great in a nice sweater. Mmmm…

Maybe I’ll take inspiration from these gals:

Now I do like this look.


Nice, but I doubt if I can do this cleavage…

Watch this space!

Have fun,


More Pleated Skirts


I see that the lovely Ivanka also has a white pleated skirt that is similar to mine and Sienna’s. Rather nice.

Here’s mine:


Ivanka looking gorgeous





A few more pleated skirts:

Nice look








Nice with a sweater!


I love this look


What can I say?

I must try to replicate the last one if I can…

Have fun,



Number 7: Je t’Offre Mons Corps


Entitled “Take my Body” in English, this lingerie-laden masterpiece features Olinka Hardiman and our favourite Cathy Ménard. When I say masterpiece, I am referring only to the lingerie!

A glimpse of Olinka’s undies


Cathy’s undies


Olinka in her nighty


More undies

Note the panties being worn over the suspenders as it should be. Spot on.


Olinka in see-through bra

This is supposed to be some sort of spy movie but the plot isn’t all that important.

Have fun!


Number 1: La Rabatteuse – Bridget Lahaie
Number 2: Fantasmes de Femmes – Cathy Ménard
Number 3: Parfums de Lingeries Intimes – Laurent Bouttin
Number 4: Blue Murder at St Trinians – Sabrina
Number 5: Liaisons Coupables – Chris Lerique
Number 6: Les Culottes de Charlotte – Cathy Ménard
Number 7: Je t’Offre Mon Corps – Olinka and Cathy Ménard


Pink Peignoir Set


Well, I’m back after the long hot summer break, dressed in a satin maxi-skirt and frilly blouse, and ready to resume operations. Dressing properly is never easy over the summer as there are too many people about so it’s nice to be flouncing around in slinky-ness and stockings.

I have just updated both sites with the new pink peignoir set. It is rather lovely.

I hope that you enjoy the pics and video:




Sienna Miller


Did you see Sienna Miller on the Graham Norton show recently? Wow, loved the skirt! Midi white pleated and gorgeous.

Lovely skirt



So being obsessed, I managed to source something very similar. I was expecting a normal kind-of cotton pleated skirt but when it arrived I was very pleasantly surprised. Made from Polyester, it is slinky as hell! I also have a new white slip which I have been wearing under it and these two glide over each other like nobodies business. Wearing now actually…

Check out (Chiffon’s Wardrobe) for the set.

And being the first of the month, there is an update to (Chiffon’s Boudoir). This month features the organza box pleated skirt. I do love that skirt.

Have fun,