Pretty Dresses

Pity about the jacket!

Pity about the jacket!

I adore Emma’s dress. I’ve realised that I need to acquire more little evening gowns like this. I did order a gorgeous mini prom dress but it all went wrong and I didn’t get it in the end. I’ll have another go at some point. And I do have a very short fluffy purple number but it needs altering as it’s a tad small. I did begin the process but need some extra material that’s a similar colour so that will be a few weeks coming.

Anyway, there have been updates to both the Wardrobe and the Boudoir. The lovely peach gown finally made its appearance in “Champagne Reception” and is proving popular. I do love that dress. But then I love lots of my clothes. Its a pity that you can only wear one outfit at a time! Plus, the little black dress that I bought at Christmas is now up there. The skirt part of the dress is very short and see-through. It is micro-pleated but still very transparent. It needs a slip really but I don’t have a black one that is short enough so decided to go with it as is. I did wear my longest stockings in order to minimise the amount of stocking top showing but not sure that I succeeded too well…  It was either the long stockings or tights. Did I make the right choice?

On the subject of stockings, I’ve trashed several pairs recently. I hate it when that happens, especially when they are favourites. I own many pairs of genuine vintage fully fashioned stockings and don’t wear anything else these days, but they do have a habit of laddering. Some are more robust than others. Fortunately my favourite make, Hanes, are pretty good in that respect. Luckily I have quite a few pairs.

Anyway, I’ll let you get on. Emma did eventually remove her jacket.


All the best and Have Fun,



Feb Update

I can imagine myself wearing this dress...

I can imagine myself wearing this dress…

Sorry, I made a mistake. The Feb update is actually a clip entitled “La Cockette” and not “Champagne Reception” that features the long peach gown. The gown will become available on March 1st although as has been pointed out there is a clip of the gown on Vimeo that I uploaded a couple of months ago.

Underneath the dress in “La Cockette” Chiffon is wearing some rather nice black panties. I’m not sure what they are called, maybe “panty slip” or something like that. Definitely vintage and definitely silky smooth and rather gorgeous. They ended up getting a bit sticky in the naughty sequence.

Have fun!




I'd love a dress like this one...

I’d love a dress like this one…

Mmmm… scrummy!

Back after the Christmas and New Year break, I finally posted some snaps of my gorgeous new peach dress. I can’t describe what it feels like to wear it but the word “divine” springs to mind. And if you wait until Feb 1st you can see how excited Chiffon became!

I did manage to do some shopping over the holiday period so have a few new items to photograph. These include a couple of nice retro dresses including a halter-neck maxi-dress from the 60s or 70s. Plus there is a ridiculously short and transparent little evening dress which will require a short slip otherwise you’ll be able to see my stocking tops and panties and we can’t have that… And some new undies, stockings and other delicious items. Watch this space.

Have fun,


Another glimpse of slip…

Nice dress...

Nice dress…

Well, Katherine isn’t showing any slip unfortunately but Chiffon’s latest update to the site does feature a rather lovely slip. Check it out!

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for the pop-ups and other assorted crap that tries to make one’s appreciation of Chiffon’s Wardrobe less pleasurable (I know, difficult to imagine…). But it’s the price to be paid for free porn-webspace, so…

I have also uploaded a new video to Vimeo (see link on the site); another whimsical French item entitled “Je Suis Chanceux”, set in Paris in 1959. It was great fun to film and put together.

And of course, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I doubt if I’ll have time for another update before the new year but remember that a new Chiffon’s Boudoir video is released on the first of each month. I believe that next up is a clip featuring Chiffon in her Fifties cherry-pattern dress and petticoat. Not to be missed!

Bye for now,








I guess that you all saw Pixie Lott on Strictly at the weekend? That dress! I bet it rustled like mad. In fact I might just feature a petticoat in the next Wardrobe update… What do you think?

The last Wardrobe ( ) update featured a dress that I picked up in a sale at a big store in the UK a couple of months ago. There is also a video at which is entitled “So Slinky” for a very good reason. It really is the slinkiest item that I have in my wardrobe – quite unbelievable. Unfortunately for you, you can only imagine!

I might order a short prom dress soon. There is a website that makes them to order so you can enter your measurements. That seems like the way to go. I am rather excited by the prospect it’s true to say but will have to wait a month or so for delivery. I will probably go for pink…

I made a great discovery recently – something very obvious but that had not appeared on my radar. Earring adapters! If they didn’t already exist I’d invent them. Not wanting to have both of my ears pierced, I’ve only been able to wear clip-ons up until recently. The adapters turn earrings for pierced ears into clip-ons so now I can buy some super dangly fancy ones. Standard clip-on earrings are not easy to find these days. I bought some gold and some silver so have the options covered.  In fact check out the cut-off jeans and see-through blouse sequence for the first outing in crazy earrings!

All for now,


More of Pixie:

Pixie bends over...

Pixie bends over…

Lucky old Trent - all that petticoat between his legs...

Lucky old Trent – all that petticoat between his legs…





CB-5 DVD Released!

I love this dress...

I love this dress…

Yes, so DVD CB-5 is available ( ). It contains a couple of hours worth of clips plus bonus footage. None of the clips appear on any other DVD and there is a list on the Video site.

I will be posting the first batch at the end of next week (w/e Nov 21st). Please note that after next week you might have to wait a few weeks for delivery. Email me if you need more info about delivery.

Have fun dressing up,





Don’t we just love transparent clothing! Well, I do anyway. I just posted some pics of my vintage white dress at for your viewing pleasure. There is a video to go with this sequence but it won’t be released just yet.


This gal has been sensible and worn white stockings under her nice dress. Chiffon didn’t realise how see-through her dress was and wore black undies! Do you think that a slip is required?

I’ve been quite active on this blog lately but there will now be an interlude until I get settled again in a couple of weeks time. So see you later.